These Goofy Gods Comics Based On Fantasy World Will Amuse You (28 Drawings)

A humorous look at the lives of the Greek gods in the modern era is shown in the web comic series Goofy Gods Comics, which was created by Byot Art. This Webcomic Recreates the Classic Greek Gods and Goddesses Pantheon in a Funnier and More Approachable Way. In his comics, the gods are shown interacting with contemporary issues such as online dating and social media.

His comic strips depict situations involving common issues, most of which have unexpected and hilarious outcomes. Greek mythology’s classic stories and characters are put in comical situations in the artist’s comics. He Can Achieve This And Reach 481,000 Followers On His Instagram Account.You Can Check Out His Best Comics In The Following Section.

Credit: Goofy Gods Comics

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#1. Looks Amazing

#2. Guardian Training

He asserts that these characters deal with common problems just like regular people do, despite their divine status. They Fail To Keep Up With Technology, Work, And Their Love Lives. They Become More Funny And Relatable As A Result. He Laughs A Lot By Using Physical Comedy And Stupid Circumstances. He goes on to say that it makes these strong beings more relatable and humorous to see them struggle with issues that we can all relate to.

#3. Fetch

#4. It’s Dangerous

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