20 Times An Artist Tiny Baer Shows Adventures Of Fantasy Worlds

There are many obstacles and worries in life. Taking a break from your full-time job and enjoying some free time is the easiest way to deal with these problems. Taking pleasure in comics is the ideal way to clear your head and put your worries behind. As A Result, We Present To You Another Wonderful Collection Of Comics. Allow Me to Introduce My Instagram Account, Tiny Baer. It’s an illustrator and comic book artist, and the creator wants to be anonymous.

His writings range from slice-of-life humor to fantastical adventures. He primarily draws comics based on his real-life experiences. He Appears to Be the Main Character in His Comics. There are currently 7,405 followers on his Instagram account. His comics also occasionally feature themes from antiquity. The Section That Follows Has Some Of His Greatest Comics. These Comics Will Definitely Brighten Your Day.

Credit: Tiny Baer Comics

For More Info: Instagram

#1. Every Time

#2. Chickenpox Party

#3. Stalling Much Easier

#4. Marry Me

#5. That Clarifies Nothing

#6. Valentines Day

Since childhood, the artist has enjoyed doing silly things. He imagines what might happen if he shared his experiences with people all across the world. He shared some comics on social media after he hesitated a lot and lacked confidence. He Still Does It Despite Receiving So Many Likes.

#7. Spiritualist Convention

#8. Try And Convince

#9. Goblin Camp

#10. Snatched

#11. Hard Life

#12. Just Thinking

#13. Instant Dread

#14. No Bag Of Holding

#15. Song

#16. Get Away

#17. Absurd Adventure

#18. Detective

#19. Offended

#20. Lot Of Pills

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