These Are Some Funny Comic Strips of Pixie and Brutus: Pet Foolery

Ben Hed is an illustrator and comic book artist who mostly works with his two dogs, Pixie and Brutus, to make funny animal comics. His handle on Instagram is @Pet_foolery. The Wise And Funny Daily Behaviors And Personalities Of Pets Are Captured In Ben’s Comics. He Usually Discusses Related Topics Such As Animal Behavior, The Joys And Challenges Of Pet Ownership, And The Unique Bond Humans Have With Animals.

Ben has a strong and active fan base of over 2.6 million people who like pet comedy. The comments area is full of humor, anecdotes, and admiration for Ben’s skill. Ben Captures Vibrant, Powerful, and Character-Rich Images. Through the use of exaggerated expressions and body language, he gives his characters in his comics life and fun. The Following Part Is A Collection of His Greatest Comics. Scroll Down to Read These Comics.

Credit: Pet Foolery

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You Look Just Like Brutus

Sleep Time

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