Here Are Some Funny Pet Foolery Pixie and Brutus Comic Strips

Ben Hed is a comic artist and illustrator who primarily creates humorous animal comics with his two pets, Brutus (a cat) and Pixie (a dog). His Instagram account is @Pet_foolery. Ben’s Comics Capture The Wise And Funny Daily Behaviors And Personalities Of Pets. He Usually Talks About Related Subjects Like Pet Behavior, The Pleasures And Difficulties Of Pet Ownership, And The Special Connection That People Have With Animals.

With over 2.6 million active fans that enjoy pet humor, Ben’s work has a large and engaged fan base. There is a lot of humor, personal stories, and appreciation for Ben’s talent in the comments section. Ben Takes Pictures That Are Colorful, Intense, and Character-Rich. His characters are given life and humor through the use of exaggerated expressions and body language in his comics. His Best Comics Are Collected in The Part That Follows. To Read These Comics, Scroll Down.

Credit: Pet Foolery

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#1. When Brutus Wanders Off

Pixie is a lively dog who frequently gets into hilarious mischief. Usually Smaller Than Brutus, Pixie Draws Attention To The Irony Of An Unexpected Bond Between A Tiny Dog And A Massive Cat. Her Fun Nature And Wide, Expressive Eyes Greatly Enhance Her Lightheartedness. Pixie’s adventures often end up on the hands of her covertly affectionate cat, Brutus. Despite his frightening size and sporadic grumpiness, Brutus loves Pixie and their fun together.

#2. Looks Weird

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