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Artist Jenny jinya Black Cat Comic Just Released A Sequel That will Make You Crying

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Though cultural perceptions of black cats vary, in the West they are typically connected to death, evil intent, and gloom. But Jenny Jenny, an artist, is hoping to alter that. The skin’s hue is irrelevant for this.

I made a comic about a black cat’s life not too long ago. After it went viral right away, Jenny decided to create a follow-up.

Numerous infographics and posters featuring facts regarding various animals, including abused or abandoned animals, are available.

Although a lot of individuals are aware of the issue, knowledge of it is rapidly forgotten. Animals have the ability to narrate. By doing this, I aim to increase awareness.

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Thankfully, things are starting to improve. Getting going. However, a number of organizations (such as the Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood and the Human Society for Southwest Washington) have noted that adult black cats spend a greater amount of time on the permanent adoption floor than do their colored counterparts. The violence on Halloween has been established, but it’s starting to become an urban legend. For cats, it is a real threat.

Oregon was informed by Deborah Wood, the manager of Washington County Animal Services, “We certainly don’t hesitate to adopt black cats on Halloween.”

He claims that people look for refuge, particularly for black cats, since they believe it will be difficult for them to get to the unsightly areas around.

Furthermore, as is customary in animal shelters, transferring a pet into the new home necessitates identification and an interview with a staff member.

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