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Amazing and Shortest Story Of Pixie and Brutus That Forces You to Think For a While By The Most Talented Comic Artist Ben Hed

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Ben Head is a fantastic comic book artist that is well-known in his industry. In addition, he created trade cards, movie ideas, movie posters, and book covers.

“What made you decide to make a little comic about animals?” Ben once questioned.

Though there’s no one animal movie or character that inspired my comics, amusing talking animals are fascinating for a reason. Numerous well-known films, such as Zootopia, The Jungle Book, and The Lion King, feature talking animals. It’s just an intriguing concept, I suppose. I did the same with my comics since, at the very least, I think it interesting.

Pixie and Brutus should be well-known to you if you enjoy webcomics. However, in the unlikely event that they don’t, they serve as the primary characters of artist Ben Head’s 2018 comic strip Pixie and Brutus. The performer has amassed a sizable global fan base over the years, and it is clear to see

Beyond creating the Pixie and Brutus comic strip, Ben does more. In addition, he frequently creates hilarious cartoons about animals, such as this one that illustrates the consequences of people flirting with each other in the manner of animals or discussing the background of popular dog breeds. But it appears that everyone has fallen in love with this charismatic couple.

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