20 Times Female Artist Weinye Shows The Struggles Faced By Her As A Girl

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Many girls face similar challenges as they grow up. They are dealing with friendships, self-doubt, family dynamics, societal expectations, and trying to figure out who they are in the world. Readers may relate to the characters and feel seen because these comics accurately depict universal experiences. Weinye Chen is the artist behind these comics. She is an artist that uses social media platforms to share her experiences across the world.

She is a Malaysian cartoonist who uses comedy to depict real-life situations. In her comics, the artist is shown as a redhead with an open and honest personality. She follows 194,000 people on Instagram. Her amusing comics address serious topics such as relationships and love. Weinye’s unique style is defined by honesty and accessible humour. Her best comics are shown in the section below.

Credit: It’s Weinye

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#1. This Is Ridiculous

#2. Look At This Coat

#3. Going To Regret This

#4. Dress With Pockets

#5. Tasks Delegated Successfully

She moved to San Francisco in 2011 to be close to all of her relatives in Malaysia. After learning about her new life, she began creating Instagram illustrations. She is 30 years old. However, after perseverance and hard work, she gains recognition and continues to create comics with strange topics for her devoted followers to enjoy. She began doing this, and her comics are now famous.

#6. Want To Take A Nap

#7. Why Does The Back Hurts

#8. Nursery Visit

#9. Flowers Lover

#10. Too Much Sunlight

#11. Different Type Of Plants Lover

#12. Special Announcement

#13. Will You Marry Me?

#14. You Like Ugly Girls

#15. Do You Like Me Now?

#16. Minor Inconvenience

#17. Trying To Understand

#18. Bab’s Feet

#19. Sneezing During Period

#20. Brain Fog

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