20 Motivational Comics Shows Two Dinosaurs Experiencing The Challenges Of Life

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We’re back today to discuss a web comic about the daily lives of two different dinosaurs. The comic series’ title is Dinosaur Couch. Two authors and illustrators are working on this comic strip. K. is a Finland-based artist, and James is Canadian. This story follows two dinosaurs, T-Rex and Alex. Mr. Prickles is a talking cactus who makes occasional appearances as a guest star. They currently have 4.3 million Instagram followers, which is a significant following.

Credit: Dinosaur Couch

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#1. That Was Awful

#2. You Are Beautiful

#3. Wonderful Imagination

#4. Quit This Job

Ryan Pequin becomes the new owner of this webcomic series. In his comics, a pair of adorable dinosaurs depict the highs and lows of living together. They form a kind and understanding group by seeking comfort, companionship, and comedy in the company of one another. Their combined abilities utilise humour, conversation, and emotional graphics to bring these lovable dinosaurs to life.

#5. Here For You

#6. What Are You Doing?

#7. When You Grow Up

8. Time Travelling Robot

#9. Parties

From friendship and relationship issues to existential anxieties and the ever-present burden of bills, these dinosaurs face situations that everybody can relate to. Their bills include meteor showers rather than electricity. The overall mood is slightly lifted by touching moments of friendship, support, and finding comfort in shared experiences.

#10. So Many Hobbies

#11. Do You Have Emotions?

#12. Going On Adventures

#13. Good Night

#14. Horrible Weather

#15. Asteroid Is Going To Hit

#16. Everything Is Awful

#17. Big Project To Do

#18. That’s The Good Stuff

#19. External Validation

#20. So Busy This Weekend

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