20 Roxy Comics About Social Anxiety And Slice Of Life Situations 

A website called Roxy Comics features slice-of-life comics about various topics such as games, roommate issues, social anxiety, and other stuff. Roxanne Rose, an artist, created it. She examines topics like anxiety, depression, and the sense of being lost in life that are important to a lot of people. Her comics have a dark humor element to them despite their frequent humor. She Currently Has 128,000 Followers On Facebook, Which Is A Huge Audience.

It was a British weekly comic book published between 1958 and 1963 that catered primarily to young women. It ran for 288 issues, including romance stories, until combining with another comic book called Valentine. Every Friday, Wednesday, and Monday, the artist also posts comics on her Facebook page. This may appeal to those who find dark humor humorous. Check Out The Comic Strips In The Gallery Below If You Like His Work And Want To Feel Better About Yourself.

Credit: Roxy Comics

For More Info: Facebook

#1. Complex Emotions

#2. Horror Movies

#3. Last Session

#4. So Long

#5. Go Down

#6. Whole Apartment

#7. Conversations

#8. Human Interactions

#9. Socially Anxious

#10. Appointment

#11. Weird Social Rules

#12. Brain

#13. Underrated Thing

#14. Let’s Try

#15. Perfectionism

#16. Clear Mind

#17. Tree Of Knowledge

#18. Decorations

#19. Back

#20. Little More Time

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