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20 Eto Luz Comics Shows Struggles Faced In The Everyday Life Of Girls

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Comics Are A Fantastic Way To Talk About The Issues Girls Face On A Daily Basis. Numerous artists on the Instagram platform address the daily struggles faced by girls. They Examine The Difficulties Of Being A Girl In A Society That Frequently Assures Girls That They Are Not Alone In Their Battles Through Humor. Likewise, We Present To You Another Skillful Cartoonist Who Draws Comics About Similar Subjects.

Through her digital artwork, Instagram artist Nastasia Kotik highlights the intersection of pop culture, fashion, and beauty. She also goes by the name Kitty. She began her career in the fashion industry but quickly realized that her true passion was art. She Began Producing Digital Illustrations in Her Free Time, and Soon 41,500 Fans Followed Her. Her Instagram account, Eto Luz, is what has made her most famous. The following section contains a collection of her best comics. Scroll down if you want to enjoy them.

Credit: Eto Luz

For More Info: Instagram

#1. Sad Truth

#2. Very True

#3. Messy Bun

#4. Curls

#5. Fat

#6. Superstar

#7. Surprise Me

#8. Ugly Faces

#9. Coffee With Marshmallows

#10. Mugs

#11. Clean Up

#12. Boyfriend Jeans Look Like Skinny Jeans On Me 

#13. Cat Lover

#14. Bestfriend

#15. Gym Time

#16. Social Media

#17. Reality

#18. Lesson Learned

#19. Food Time

#20. Life With Cat

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