Twenty Rustled Jimmies Comics Feature Characters in Surprising Circumstances

The talented artist Sam Pratt is the creator of the webcomic Rustled Jimmies. It Shows Cute Little Guys With Plump Little Butts Describes His Comics On Facebook. His cartoons are well-known for their absurdist humor and frequently include characters in strange circumstances. Pratt has published a collection of his work, and this comic strip has gained an online following.

Comics are the artist’s primary source of motivation. He draws on his creative ideas for the most of his time. The most of his ideas occur to him in his spare time. The main goal of the artist is to make comics as funny as he can so that his fans would laugh after reading his skillfully drawn illustrations. That explains why he has 31,300 Instagram followers. You can scroll down to the section below to see his best comics.

Credit: Rustled Jimmies

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#1. Mood Ring

#2. Literally Dying

#3. Brought A Map

#4. Dark Future

#5. Don’t Know

He explained that the comic began as a one-off about polar bears but quickly gained popularity, so Pratt decided to continue the series when asked how he started this web comic. His comics are now quite well-liked by his readership. His comics typically feature characters in unexpected situations and are straightforward and concise.

#6. Extra Tear Shampoo

#7. Our Fate Is Inevitable

#8. Phone

#9. New Partner

#10. Magic Spells

#11. Band Names

#12. Social Anxiety

#13. He Never Did Become A Better Salesman

Critics Have Acclaimed Rustled Jimmies Comics for Their Humor And Approachable Characters. Like other artists, he started drawing at a young age. These Cute Little Guys Have Adorable Butts in This Webcomic. The artist’s passion has always been creating comedic comics. Remember to share the comics created by this artist if you come across them as well.

#14. This Is Why Elephants Are Afraid Of Mice

#15. Christmas

#16. Unarmed Robbery

#17. Ghosts

#18. This Is Basically How Luck Works

#19. Sticks And Stones

#20. New Planets

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