This Artist Displays What Owning A Cat Looks Like 20 Times

A sweet webcomic, Catsu the Cat is run by one cat, two great artists, and themselves. Daria is her alias. They are based in Estonia and have adorable comics for cat lovers on their website. While Daria creates the comics, her boyfriend provides the editing, inspiration, and support. In addition, they work as freelance designers and photographers and make comics for their fans.

A few years ago, the author’s obsession with drawing adorable comics with a single endearing character—a small, black cat with an interesting appearance—led to the creation of the webcomic Catsu. Later, she learned that the term “Catsu” sounds like “cat” when said in a Japanese accent, and their comics started to become more and more well-known. At the moment, they have 36,400 Instagram followers and 19,000 Facebook fans. You Can View Their Greatest Comics In The Following Section.

Credit: Catsu The Cat

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#1. Selfies With Cat Are Like

#2. So Cute

#3. Annoying Humans

#4. Talking About Drama

#5. Morning Views

Their Headquarters Are in Estonia, A Small European Nation. They Get Inspiration And Motivation From Their Cat. You could even say they are a little bit crazy for cats since they view her as one of their very special cats. They Continually Show What It Looks Like To Own A Cat. in order for owners or lovers of cats to relate to their comics.

#6. Hairs

#7. Can’t Resist The Cuteness Of A Kitty

#8. Independence

#9. So Pretty

#10. Weird Love

#11. Easter Bunnies

#12. Favorite Spot

#13. Parenting

Additionally, they publish a weekly comic strip that shows their cat in a variety of scenarios. Their comics are well-known for their relatable themes and humor. Catsu The Cat Is Definitely Worth Checking Out If You’re A Cat Lover Looking For Special And High-Quality Cat-Themed Comics Or Just Enjoy A Good Laugh With Their Weekly Comics. Remember to use the “Share” button if you thought this blog was interesting.

#14. Extra Effort

#15. Regeneration

#16. Go Away

#17. Entertainment

#18. During Sleep

#19. Good Night

#20. Cat Food

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