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The New Halloween Comic with Pixie and Brutus Will Brighten Your Day

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Halloween is quickly approaching, and nobody wants to be caught without a costume at the last minute—not even the hilarious comedians Pixie and Brutus. Ben Head, a cartoonist from Minnesota, Has Created A New Halloween Comic Strip Featuring The Strange Couple.

On a scary holiday, it was unlikely that Pixie, “A Little, Cheerful, Passionate Kitty Cat,” would find her best friend’s outfit. Large and tainted, Bertos the German Shepherd frequently begs for a cute cat, and the outcome is a hilarious fashion show where costumes are mixed and matched.

The head had never anticipated the animal character’s popularity, but in reality, Pixie and Brutus were just working with another illogical idea. I had no intention of turning these into a series. I simply believed that it would be absurd to introduce a little kitten to a large, terrifying fighting dog, and that this would result in an unusual animal friendship. People enjoyed Brutus’ jokes so much that I continued to tell them.

Take A Look At Pixel And Brutus’s Costumes By Scrolling Down, and Consider Getting One For Halloween!

Credit: Instagram

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