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The Artist Jenny Jinya Just Released A New One With A Duck

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Jenny jinya, a German artist, is not yet well-known to her fans, but she sees realistic situations depicted in bittersweet comics.

Jenny’s most recent comic, “Good Boy and Black Cat,” touched the hearts of people all across the world. It centers on a duck that was abandoned by its mother and siblings.

“It Just Hit Our Notice At That Point.” Jenny-Jenny stated, “I think it was an atrocity that could have been easily prevented since a family of ducks had vanished before my eyes, even with a slow road.”

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Drawing the same humor largely depends on how long and in-depth I have researched a particular topic, Jenny Jenny added in a conversation with Board Panda. I Can Draw Myself in Less Than A Week.

Jenny continued, “My Mother Told Me I Would Start Drawing Before I Left,” in her obsession with drawing comic books. He said, “Usually, I pick up a pencil and never stop cleaning.” I’ve always wanted to be an artist, both to create the world and to tell stories.

Many young artists are frustrated because they haven’t yet established their style or found their niche. But it’s okay. Jenny stated, “It’s Something That Can’t Be Rushed.” It may seem strange, but inform your artist. Developing Your Own Style and Niche Is A Process That Takes Time. No Shortcuts Exist.

Jenny-Jenny Revealed That She Was Inspired To Take A Picture Of The Duck Humor

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