Pet Foolery’s Halloween Comic Collection (3 comics)

Illustrator Ben Hed posted a brand-new comic to his Instagram account 1.5 years ago. Pixie is the kitten that his adopted friend, retired military dog Brutus, has. Ben decided to dedicate a whole series to his humorous little exploits after the cute couple instantly captured the hearts of the internet. To be honest, Pixie and Brutus were just another strange comedic concept I had. In an earlier interview, Hed stated, “I never intended to do a series for them.”

I found it humorous to put a charming little cat in the company of a large, threatening war dog. I decided to continue developing Pixie and Brutus cute animal comics after they proved to be so popular. Ben has more than 2.3 million Instagram followers today, and Pixie and Brutus have made significant contributions to this amazing number. Just as terrifying as his previous comics are his new ones.

Here are 3 Pet Foolery Halloween Animal Collections, enjoy.

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Of course, the series is much more than just its lead characters. The art is amazing, the plot is engaging, and the supporting cast is outstanding. However, it truly elevates the show’s complicated, diametrically opposed stars to a whole new level. Ben introduced the adored cat, saying, “Pixie is a tiny, happy, energetic kitten.” She is naive and partially unaware of the grave and hazardous situations in her environment.


As for Hed, he used the pressure of having such a large fan base to push himself as an artist, saying, “I worry about each comic’s success, but I worried about that too before I produced Pixie and Brutus.” After the interview, he had a sharp rise in Instagram followers, which he claimed never stopped surprising him.


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