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Hilariously Adorable Comics About Brutus To Brighten Up Your Day

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Who doesn’t adore a sweet tale of pet friendship? They have the power to warm even the hardest hearts, whether it’s a dog caring for a cockatoo as if it were its own or a cat making friends with a racoon. even if they are limited to the drawings of one person.

One of the best examples of such a cute couple is, you got it, Brutus and Pixie from “Pet Foolery.” (It goes without saying that at Bored Panda, we really like them.) The adorable pair of a German shepherd and a small kitten are the creation of Minnesota-born illustrator Ben Hed, whose endearing drawings have won him over 2.5 million fans.

We are delighted to present to you more of Ben’s exquisite drawings today, which depict the exploits of Pixie, Brutus, and a few of their companions. Don’t hesitate to explore the cartoons below by scrolling down. Additionally, he revealed some of his reflections on creating the comics in a recent interview with 

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The majority of pet owners have probably occasionally felt as though their animal resembles a cartoon character. For example, when they give you those adoring glances while you’re eating lunch, or when they’ve recently done something wrong and you’re going to find out exactly what it is. (You should be familiar with the guilty expression I mean).

Illustrator Ben Hed has spent years depicting everyday pet-related issues, disobedience, and guilty expressions. Since its creation in December 2017, his Instagram account, “Pet Foolery,” has grown steadily. This is not surprising, given how popular animal-themed content appears to be among internet users.


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