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Heart Breaking Comic About An Pet Rabbit By Artist Jenny Jinya

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Easter is almost here, and even though we’ll be spending most of it alone, Jenny Jenny—the same artist who did the comics for The Good Boy and The Black Cat—developed a significant PSA about Easter rabbits. ϔ

For a variety of reasons, domestic rabbits seem to be among the most abandoned pets in the US. Contrary to popular belief, they are not easy to care for and make excellent “starter pets.” Rabbits can’t stay in the cage for very long since they need room to run about and exercise. The fact that they dislike being picked up because they are prey animals is another little-known fact. When You Combine All Of These Information, It Could Become A

As Always, Jenny’s Webcomics Is A Real Scream, But She Still Manages To Get It Right. Check It Out In The Gallery Below.

Credit: Jenny-Jinya.Com | Facebook

As The Rabbits Get Older, They Start To See Symptoms Of Aggression, Which Is Easily Treatable Or Preventable. Unfortunately, a lot of owners just want to get rid of them or release them back into the wild; they are unaware of this or do not want to pay a high price for these procedures.

The belief held by pet owners is that rabbits can survive in the wild. However, the unfortunate truth is that domestic rabbits lack the abilities necessary to survive in the wild.

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