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Artist Who Makes People Cry With Her Comics Just Released A New One, But This Time, It’s A Happy One

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For good cause, Jenny Jinya’s comic comics are infamous for making people cry. They both educate us and stay with us for days on end by touching on tough subjects like animal abuse, neglect, death, and the afterlife.

She drew a black cat, a duck, an albatross, a lion, an elephant, and a fighting-bred dog in some of her most potent comics.

However, the German illustrator shocked her followers by taking a totally different approach this time. She tweeted two days ago, “By popular request, I have now tried a ‘happy’ comic,” accompanied with the lovely cartoon that at last has a happy conclusion. In an interview with Bored Panda that you can read in full below, Jenny shared with us her concerns about her readers becoming a little worn out.

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Jenny just released a new strip that features a new character and ends happily

Jenny admitted to us that she has known her comics are really difficult to read. “I’ve read a lot about how close they get to people, so I know that.” She claimed that this was the reason behind her desire “to try and give her fans something that would cheer them up” and not depress them.

This gave her the inspiration to create this fox comic strip, the first of its kind that she had ever done that was “happy.” Jenny first expressed some skepticism about whether or not “people would like this new approach, especially by introducing the new character ‘Life.'” In the meantime, she was thrilled to see a completely different perspective on her depressing series.

Jenny actually took inspiration for the new character “Life” from the Reaper, for whom she always felt sorry because he worked at “a sad and lonely job.” “Even though he has a kind and gentle nature, he frequently gets blamed for everything and encounters hostility,” Jenny clarified.

It is crucial to understand that the Reaper is a part of the cycle of life as well. Jenny actually stated, “If anyone understands and appreciates him, it’s life itself.”

Image credits: jenny_jinya

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