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Artist Jenny Jinya Imagines The Life Of A Lion On A Facility That Forces The King Of The Jungle To Perform.

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The following was gathered by freelance illustrator and comic Jenny Jenny. The best reasons for his 400K Facebook followers and 330K Instagram followers are his good looks and black cat stripes. “Jennya Jinya has created compelling characters and captivating stories, but her tragic tales also bring attention to the pressing problems that affect both pets and wild animals in the modern world. Desertion. Pollution and Destroying of Habitats.

The subject of her most recent black comedy is animal abuse in a circus. Jenny imagines a life where the lion king is forced to perform on a facility. He did a fantastic job demonstrating once more how cruel humans can be to the animals we share the planet with.

More Info: Jenny-Jinya.Com | Facebook | Instagram

The artist’s main message is animal rights, especially for those who lack a voice. Sadly, some people receive a very different message. It Is Required To Carefully Reexamine Its Contents With Both Subjects And Individuals. The issue is that a lot of people don’t share their entire humor, let alone specific pages. Additionally, they frequently skip the last page, on which I describe the issue and provide links to further details or places to donate. Some People Relook And Find They Don’t Get The Message. He believes that my only joy is photographing aggressive animals.

Jenny even began to get hate mail. They are unaware that I am working to raise money for education. However, it’s not their fault, and I can tell them my jokes, most of all.

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