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20 Times comics A Female Artist Shows Her Everyday Life With Her Pig

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A girl and her pet pig can be found on the Instagram account Franci and Francis. The artist calls herself Franci, and her pet’s name is Francis. She began creating comics a few years ago and is currently seventeen years old. She characterizes herself as a female who enjoys food yet aspires to be thin. In her comics, the artist portrays herself as the primary character and humorously shares her everyday experiences.

You’ve probably seen a lot of comic book artists and pet owners. However, the way this female artist loves animals is different. She shows the audience through her bizarre content that she plays silly games with her pet pig in her home. For your benefit, we have compiled a selection of her finest comics to brighten your day. Please continue scrolling through the gallery below if you would like to enjoy them.

Credit: Franci And Francis

For More Info: Instagram

#1. Another Diet

#2. Tastes

#3. New Dress

#4. Sniff

#5. Cheat

#6. Foodie

The artist claims to have spent several years living with her pet pig. However, she never considered making comics about herself. However, she is inspired to sketch her daily experiences by her passion for animals and her exceptional drawing abilities. She so begins creating comics and shares them on her Instagram account, hesitating and lacking confidence.

#7. Photo Time

#8. Weight

#9. Bath Time

#10. Small Garden

#11. Race

#12. Hide And Seek

#13. Airplane

She Continued Making Comics for Several Years After Receiving Favorable Reactions. Following that, she discovers that her Instagram account isn’t gaining any followers. It Causes Her to Give Up Making Comics. She doesn’t have as many Instagram followers as she should because of this. But We’ve Brought Them For You From Her Older Comics. I hope you all enjoy her comics. Check Out Our Website Often for More of This Kind of Content.

#14. Cookie Lover

#15. Sunscreen

#16. Fat Roll

#17. Alone At Last

#18. Snout Job

#19. Heaven

#20. Spinning Class

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