20 Shell Comics Based On Clever Puns And Unexpected Twists To Make You Laugh

It’s Important To Have Humor In A Busy Life. If you’re in the mood for some humor, we have an amazing comics book artist that makes a ton of clever puns. Allow Me To Present To You Shell Comics, My New Instagram Account. We Have His Comics Collected For You. Cartoonist Ryan Menezes, an Indian, created this gloomy comic strip. It Has Gained Notoriety For Its Strange Comedy And True Stories. A Few Years Ago, He Made His Instagram Account Debut.

Typically, he draws multi-panel comics. His Comics Are Always Fun to Read. The artist has 8,700 followers on Instagram. His comics mostly convey his hilarious ideas. He Updates His Personal Website’s Illustrations Often.His comics are full of dark, witty puns and punchlines that provide an outlet for daily struggles and a way to unwind.

Credit: Shell Comics

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#1. Old Movie

#2. Rating

#3. Freezing

#4. Movie

#5. Feedback

#6. Numbers

#7. So Many Things

#8. Potato Chips

#9. Birthday Week

#10. Welcome Back

#11. Internet

12. Singing

#13. Pan Cakes

#14. Song

#15. Never Ask

#16. Stop Crying

#17. Whispers

#18. That’s It

#19. No Please

#20. Living Room

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