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20 Pickles Comics: A Warming Tributary to Life’s Simple Pleasures

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“Pickles” is a direct artistic approach that keeps the attention on the characters and the real humor they bring to the story. Readers are able to develop a personal connection with these delightful characters thanks to Crane’s simple yet emotive pictures that bring the Elder family to life.

Pickle Comics

Credit Brian Crane

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Come along with Earl and Opal, two charming individuals, as they experience the highs and lows of retirement, becoming grandparents, and everything in between. These comics will make you laugh out loud, from Earl’s technological mishaps (who knew a smartphone could be so confusing?) to Opal’s sharp one-liners that cut through everyday life mayhem.

Pickles explores relatable conditions that we can all identify to with its funny take on family dynamics. These comics demonstrate that sometimes laughing is the best way to deal with life’s tiny annoyances, whether it’s dealing obstinate pets, taking on doomed home repair projects, or making it through uncomfortable social circumstances.











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