20 New The Humor Side Comics That Will Make Your Day Better

Let us introduce you to an accomplished author cartoonist and professional daydreamer and nap taker Leigh Rubin. He creates fun and lighthearted comics, “Rubes Cartoons,” featuring weird and absurd situations which may happen in a parallel universe.Here you will find cavemen recycling their trash, giraffes that are dissatisfied with the ban on plastic straws, whales ordering fish tacos, and lots more random stories. Scroll down for a few laughs.Bored Panda comes in touch with Leigh Rubin and asks him more about his creative process and himself. We got interested in how his journey as an artist started. Leigh Rubin replied that he has always loved to draw. As far back as kindergarten, I know I want to become an artist. During high school and into college I did some sculpture, pastels, papier mache, and in fact pen and ink.”The artist shared that a lot of his cartoons are pop culture-inspired. “We sleep in a pop culture world. A movie is about a historical event it immediately becomes part of our collective pop culture. All of this collective popular culture brings us together. Whether it is in motion pictures, books, songs, cartoon characters, or maybe advertising and commercial. There is much material there from which to draw inspiration. Growing up I loved and still do all of the old Warner bros and MGM cartoons. My dad read every comic within the paper and I know that had a major influence.”“I love the constant daily challenge of creation. To make certain, some days are easier than others, but to be ready to bring a smile or laugh to so many people every day is incredibly gratifying. Of course, it’s especially fun to possess multiple layers in a cartoon. If an individual has thought for a bit to get the joke I think it provides a much more rewarding experience. It allows the reader to experience an AHA moment. I thought it is important to allow the reader to contribute some of their imagination to get the joke.





















‘I said we were going to play a game of skins, not shirts and skins!’


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