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20 Never Stay Dead Comics Depicts Relatable Situations That We Face

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Ashley and Lloydd McKissick founded Never Stay Dead Comics, a British independent comic book publisher, in 2008. The creators specialize in humorous comics, frequently featuring bizarre and gloomy themes. Their witty observations and humorous illustrations have inspired audiences, making them a rising star in the comics industry. Because of this, they currently have 467,000 Facebook followers.

Robust Lines, Eye-Catching Colors, And Accented Elements Come Together To Form A Special Visual Language That Exactly Describes Their Humor. You Could Be Able To Relate To Their Simple Little Comics If You Own A Cat. In the section that follows, you may find a selection of their best comics. Scroll to the section below to read their best comics.

Credit: Never Stay Dead

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#1. Cat Diet

#2. Personal Space

#3. Life

#4. Getting Ready

#5. Consciousness

#6. Sick

Because the majority of their fan base prefers this style, the artist keeps using it in their comics. They claim that humor allows them to express themselves freely, regardless of how absurd or disagreeable it may be, which is why they find it so enjoyable. Their audience laughs at their incredible effort in this way.

#7. Grand Mother

#8. Run

#9. Hilarious

#10. Halloween Party

#11. Treats

#12. The Dishes

#13. Video Games

#14. Online Dating

#15. Something Nice

#16. Movies

#17. Back To My Place

#18. On The Internet

#19. Degrading

#20. Clothes Shopping

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