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19 Side-Splitting Quarantined Disney Comics That Humorously Remind Us About The Pandemic

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As we approach 2023, it seems reasonable to conclude that the fatal COVID-19 pandemic is now permanently behind us—that is, unless a new pandemic strikes at any time. But thinking back on what we went through during the pandemic is never a happy memory. Back then, everything was a nightmare come true—masks, panic buying, and quarantine.
Nonetheless, some gifted painters are able to look on the positive side of things, and @aldoarts is one of them in addition to being a Disney fanatic. Some of our favorite Disney characters have come to life in these 19 funny panels, which highlight the positive aspects of living in quarantine. With the help of these hilarious comics, let’s relive some of the most unforgettable pandemic events!

Source: aldoarts, Instagram

#1. The Best Present In Quarantine Time

Source: aldoarts, Instagram

#2. Every Single One Of Us Can Relate To This

#3. In Quarantine Time, Takeout Food Is The Best

#4. I’m Not Sure That’s How You Use Purell, Hercules

#5. Sneezing Isn’t So Cute Now, Is It?

#6. During The Pandemic, The Only Abundant Thing In The House Is My Flabs

#7. How Not To Pick Up Girls During Quarantine

#8. How Not To Pick Up Girls During Quarantine, Part 2

#9. Alright, Corn Teen It Is

#10. Social Distancing At Its Best

#11. Having A Haircut In These Times Is Such A Pain In The Head

#12. How Not To Pick Up Girls During Quarantine, Part 3

#13. In Quarantine, Seeing Your Loved Ones Became A Feverish Dream (No Pun Intended)

#14. No One Social Distance Better Than Gaston

#15. Did Somebody Order A Pizza?

#16. Sorry Jasmine, But You Can Never Be Too Careful

#17. And The Longest Boat Award Goes To…

#18. Nice Underwear You Have Their, Prince Charming

#19. The Best Way To Use Ursula’s Magic

Did these Disney comics that were quarantined manage to make you laugh? Post your ideas and opinions in the comments section.

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