Zach Cranor’s 32 Absurdly Funny Comics With Ridiculous Endings (New Pics)

There are some comics that don’t require any introduction. Some don’t need it because they’re well-known enough, but in today’s world, they’re so bizarre that it’s difficult to grasp and define them. But we can at least offer you a name, and it’s a catchy one: the Last Place Comics.

“Smoothly, my normal description of Last Place is ‘a goofy webcomic where things rarely go well.'” I started it as a method to make my friends laugh in college; I thought I was a very funny man but had the courage to do something like live comedy, so comics were a way for me to attempt to be funny without being social or having the social skills.On DeviantArt, I kind of fell into a little following. After becoming bored with updating, the comic went on pause for around 7 years, having practically begun over from the beginning.

Inspiration is a difficult thing to come by, hehe. For approximately a year, my friends had to peer pressure me to get back into drawing comics. No one who has met me has ever described me as extremely passionate. I felt terrible enough to start making them again after Chesca of Litterbox Comics handed me her old Cintiq, but it’s been a pleasant experience.

I think I’m attempting to create a comic that I’d like to read, and making myself laugh is a criterion I hold in high regard. So, I believe keeping myself accountable to my own self-imposed standard keeps me motivated.”

If you missed the first section, which was provided by the author himself, you can find it here.

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