With her four cats, the artist creates 20 hilarious comics about everyday life.

When you build a foundation with someone and spend time getting to know them, you discover that your everyday life may be just as romantic as the party you were watching. You simply need to be more selective in the assistance you provide to other floks.‘Our Super Adventure’ is a comedic diary written by Sarah Greeley about her long-term relationship, and the series proves that a happy couple can only be found in each other’s company. Required. In addition, there are four pet cats.

Sarah first met her coworker eight years ago. I was working on plush ghosts for an indie punk band that we both enjoy (Johnny Farnier, you should check them out! ), and the band posted a link to my Tumblr profile.We finished the meeting with a Tumblr post. We moved on to the first date a few years later after saying “too much,” and the rest is history! Steve proposed to me on our fifth wedding anniversary, which was wonderful. It was adorable! ”

I grew up with lovely cats, so it didn’t take long for Steve and me to realise that we wanted our own cats when we started renting a place together. “Pesto and Toby in October 2013, and they were sisters from the same mess,” Sarah added. Pesto became pregnant around a year later and had four miscarriages. Wilson and Pixel were with us.

Sarah began ‘Our Super Adventure’ as a documentary about minor moments in her and Steve’s beautiful love, and it was well received. We chat to a lot of people on comedy shows and online who tell us that we do foolish things even in that adorable comedy, and that’s really charming! There are a lot of anxious relationships in the world, in my opinion.It’s also comforting to know that there are people out there who are in a relationship with their best friend and enjoy one other’s presence.

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