Through his amusing comics, an artist makes people laugh at the absurdity of our lives (30 New Pics)

Meet MadeByTio, a great comic artist who is well recognised for being a creative genius who enjoys creating images that combine unusual, funny, and sometimes borderline insane situations with a sprinkling of ironic reality that, for some, may be insulting.All of this, when combined with his inventive yet simple visual style, which is mostly four panels, makes for a winning mix that might just make you (and your inner demon who appreciates a dark comic) laugh out loud.His wicked sense of humour prompted him to create a slew of weird and innovative comics. The comic artist has been creating webcomics for nearly 5 years and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

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With over 132 Instagram posts under his belt, the artist has amassed a sizable following, totaling over 71k. “One day, I made a Facebook profile and an Instagram account and started sharing my comics on them,” MadeByTio explained. That was the start of it.While you are free to agree or disagree with this statement, we believe that if you want to witness more of his dark and unexpected comedy, you should scroll down even farther!



MadeByTio stated that some of his comics are based on real-life events. Especially the ones from the ‘How Your Brain Works’ mini-series. With all of that stated, it appears that the artist’s great aim is to use his talent and ingenuity to cheer people up and make them laugh. After all, who doesn’t enjoy some odd and amusing comics at the end of the day?




























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