Three New Pixie And Brutus Comics to Brighten The Day

Pixie and Brutus (previously seen here, here, and here) are two comic book characters you wish you could meet in person. Even though you can’t pet these adorable four-legged critters, illustrator Ben Hed continues to produce strips that will certainly quench everyone’s appetite for cuteness.Ben has over 1 million Instagram followers as a result of the pair, which keeps him as busy as ever.

Ben, on the other hand, is unafraid of his massive fan base. He told Bored Panda, “My creative process isn’t any different now than it was when I had 25k followers.” “It’s all thanks to those guys and their unwavering love for my comics that I’ve been able to make illustration my full-time work. I know it sounds corny, but I can’t express my gratitude to them enough.”

The artist described Pixie as a “small, cheerful, energetic kitten.” “She’s naive, and she’s also oblivious to the serious, dangerous things that are going on around her.” Brutus, on the other hand, is a massive German Shepherd with a scarred muzzle. “ After retiring as a Military Working Dog, he was adopted by Pixie’s owner (MWD). In several ways, Brutus is the polar opposite of Pixie. He’s… Things have been seen.He’s a stern and challenging military dog, but he has a soft spot for Pixie and does all he can to keep her safe from the harsh realities of life.” Continue scrolling to see their most recent exploits!

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