This woman created this heartbreaking comic after losing her dog, and it will make you cry.

Jen-Jen Rose, a visual artist, had to give one of the hardest goodbyes she’d ever had to say. Jen-Jen was devastated when her beloved dog Penni died. The poet, on the other hand, believed there were still things she hadn’t had the chance to say, so she penned a parting letter to express her feelings, which was so real that it touched our hearts.

“She was initially meant to be a hunting dog for my father,” Jen-Jen explained, “but she was just too kind for that.” “In the end, she became a family dog.” She joined our family when I was approximately 11 years old, just when things in my life were beginning to become difficult.”

Jen-Jen acknowledged that she was having issues both inside and outside her home. “There were a lot of arguments between my parents, and I was humiliated at school. I used to cry in the corner of my house, but she would always come over and sit with me. As she rested her head on me, she’d lick my tears. Those were some of my favourite moments with her, and she was just what I needed at the time.”

“Love your dogs,” Jen-Jen remarked. “And don’t forget to tell them how much you adore them.”

Jen-illustration Jen’s style is bright and vibrant, but this time she’s opted to combine her words with black-and-white drawings, and the contrast between her powerful, emotive words and crisp lines is stunning.

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The times when this beautiful duet was together sounded genuinely incredible.

People were relating to Rose in the loveliest ways after reading her letter.

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