This Medical Student Was Initially hesitant to begin creating comics, but now has over 100,000 followers (20 New Pics)

Amy Revives, a medical student in the Netherlands, is 23 years old. Another of her loves, while she dreams of being an artist, is drawing comics, which she began doing in 2018 after much trepidation.Amy now has over 100k Instagram followers who are impatiently awaiting her next amusing and related cartoons, which she posts every two years.

Amy’s comedians have previously been featured on the site, and now she’s back — check them out in the gallery below!

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Amy has learned via medicine that one’s physical body is critical to one’s well-being, as is one’s mental health, all of which are essential for a happy life. For the time being, the student stated that she may not be able to assist someone with a physical issue, but she hopes that her comics can assist her with a mental issue.Laughing and smiling release feel-good hormones into the body and mind, which improves your mood, makes you feel more active, and reduces stress. I hope that by watching my comedians, you will have a wonderful big smile on your face and, at the very least, forget about your concerns for a while.







Amy enjoys doing art in her spare time. I was drawing and possibly talking before I could walk, but my efforts were probably not particularly obvious at the time.Amy received her first drawing when she was 12 years old. With sheer joy, instant exhilaration bounced off the walls. He claimed I practised and explored the digital realm of art late at night. I looked for realism as well as abstraction, but I discovered that I was amusing in ordinary situations. I’m happiest when I’m writing.











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