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The Internet’s Favorite Duo, Pixie and Brutus, Has Released Three New Hilarious Stories (20+ Pics)

A small, innocent-appearing kitten named Pixie and her peculiar connection with a sizable, intimidating-appearing war dog named Brutus are the subjects of the popular webcomic series Pixie and Brutus, which was created by artist Ben Hed. Comic novels frequently feature the sharp contrast between Pixie’s purity and naivete and Brutus’ harsh reality from his combat experiences. Despite their differences, the two protagonists become closer as they overcome various daily obstacles.

The cartoons have gained a huge following of 2.5 million followers on social media platforms like Instagram because of their endearing qualities and likable characters. The success of Pixie and Brutus is proof of the potency of comic book storytelling and the ability of creators to move readers on an emotional level. Each of the characters in Pixie and Brutus is shown with distinct characteristics that emphasize who they are. Simple but effective is the art style.

The comics depict the two characters’ beautiful friendship through the numerous adventures and challenges they face together, despite the fact that they have very different personalities. One of Pixie and Brutus’ distinctive traits is the way they examine serious themes like war, pain, and societal injustice via the perspectives of the animals. Thanks to the unique artwork and appealing characters, it has become a phenomenon in society, and readers eagerly await the release of each new comic.

Credit: Pet Foolery

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#1. Teamwork

#2. Prank

#3. It’s easy to forget to appreciate the good stuff in our lives

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