The Friendship Between His Baby And Their Dog Is Shown By His Father (30 New Comics)

Who can blame new parents for wanting to share pictures of their adorable babies on social media? I get strange feelings of pride from an especially well-formed booger or the contents of a pimple, so I’d want to show it off if I’d managed to produce a whole new human being.

Isn’t it true that everyone can take a simple photograph? When Nate Anderson’s first child, Rowan, was born, he decided to take things a step further and create webcomics about his childhood, which he dubbed ‘Boy & Dog.’

Rowan and his Golden Retriever Buddy Murphy’s exploits have previously been featured on Bored Panda, but we enjoyed the funny comics about these best friends so much that we wanted to check out the new instalment.

Check out the cute relationship between a toddler boy and a funny dog by scrolling down to see what they’ve been up to..

#1You’re Only In Trouble If You Get Caught

Anderson told Bored Panda that the comic strip was inspired by his son’s birth last year. “This wiggly, squishy boy who filled my house with laughter and poop changed my life. At first, the animals were unsure of what to make of him, but my Golden Retriever, Murphy, thought he was pretty cool, he said “Rowan adores Murphy and would squeal with joy whenever he was in his presence.I began drawing comics to depict what I imagined was going on between them in my imagination.”

#2Bum. Bumbum Bumbumbumbumbum

#3When Rowan Goes To Sleep, Murphy Thinks It’s Crazy Play Time

#4Rowan Has Decided That Food Is Not For Him. Murphy Is Happy About This Decision

#5Standing Is Hard When You Are A Wobbley Little Squishy Boy

This isn’t the artist’s first attempt at creating a webcomic. Anderson’s first show, “Quackyboys,” followed him and his college roommates on “wacky adventures,” but it was cancelled after they passed on. He is largely self-taught, having dropped out of college during his freshman year.”At the time, I was already employed as a talented Illustrator/Designer, and I believe I learned more in the industry than I ever did in school with uninspiring professors.”

#6My Sandals Exploded Too. And My Slippers. And My Backpack. And The Footstool

#7Everyone Knows That Kissing It Makes It All Better

#8All The Things Go Down The Stairs

#9I Miss My Legos

#10Baby Prison. It’s A Wonderful Thing

#11Aw, He’s Got His Mothers Eyes… And His Dads Beard

#12Everyone Loves Going To The Vet. That’s What I Told Murphy Anyway

#13This Little Guy Kicks Like A Squishy Mule

#14So Much More Volume

#15Murphy Loves Rooing While Rowan Is Asleep


Why Wouldn’t You Want A Monkey On Your Head?


Murphy Tail Is Basically A Fluffy Catapult


Everything Is A Car


The Only Way To Make This Dog Hold Still Is To Administer Tranquilizers


The Funny Words Go Here.


He’s Growing Up So Fast


The Floor Is Where All The Things Belong Anyway


Rowans Next Tutorial Will Be About Dressing Yourself.


Now That’s A Smile To Be Proud Of


Murphy Is Always Helpful


He Got Murphed


It’s The Simple Things. For Me The Simple Things Are Brownies


That Sounds Like A Job For Someone Else


Maintain Eye Contact To Assert Dominance


But Maybe It Won’t Hurt Next Time

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