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The artist shares a terrible narrative about the harm his 12 pictures have caused.

Even though we are all aware that nothing lasts forever and that we are all human, our responses to a loved one’s passing reveal how little we actually comprehend. When someone we care about goes away, it’s frequently difficult to deal since we forget our deaths and appreciate everything.However, coping with loss and unexpected loneliness is never simple. A striking collection of images by a Philadelphia artist illustrates what occurs when we can’t leave something alone after misplacing it.



Tom Booth is a multi-talented artist, essayist, and art director, and the art world has lauded his ground-breaking concepts. He used names like “It’s Christmas,” “Day on the Beach,” and “Don’t scold!” that were well-liked by critics. Clearly and succinctly written. His most recent work is a collection of somber, earthy paintings that make us feel nostalgic and melancholy.This graphic tells the tragic and agonizing tale of a woodcutter who refuses to fall in love with anyone. To wear it around his neck and preserve his memories until the end of his days, the impoverished woodcutter keeps chipping it into the wood.






A heartbreaking story that will shortly be released is previewed by the artist. The artist wants to publish a large-scale personal story. Since I don’t want to spoil anything, I won’t tell how it will be released or reveal too much about the plot. I’ll simply say that it is a story about loneliness and loss.




These amazing photographs were created by a Philadelphia artist to represent what happens when we misplace something and are unable to leave it.

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