Shannon Lee illustrates what 24 animals from cartoons and photographs would look like as humans.

Anthropomorphization, often known as humanization, is the process of transforming animals or inanimate objects into people, whether visually or conceptually.It’s something we do unconsciously, such as when we pretend our dogs have human ideas or speak in human language, and it’s also something we do actively, such as when people purposefully transform them into human form .Shannon Lee is an example of the latter, as she occasionally creates fantastic illustrations of human characters based on various animals, either from animation or photographs. The young artist nails it close to home while maintaining the source’s distinct characteristics in her own manner. Take a look and decide for yourself!

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Shannon was really gracious and gave us an exclusive interview about herself and her work: “Obviously, I enjoy sketching, but I enjoy people even more.” I enjoy making things for my personal amusement, but nothing makes me happier than hearing someone express that one of my drawings brings back memories, made them laugh, or anything

I have a small circle of friends who, like my family, are incredibly supportive. We spend a lot of time playing Dungeons & Dragons and other nerdy games! Although I spend the majority of my time at my day job at the Department of Justice Tasmania, I’m looking forward to working as a full-time artist starting in 2022! It’s a scary step, but I’m backed up by my great girlfriend.






“Creating characters is probably my favourite thing to do. It’s a fun task to imagine who you want a character to be and then convert that into forms, colours, and style choices, among other things; problem-solving so that another person can get a good sense of who that figure is.It’s difficult to use aspects that people will recognise (such as symbols or shape language) in an effective way without doing anything stereotypical or uninspired. Of course, this does not mean I always get it correctly. That’s part of the fun! “There’s always something new for me to learn.”



















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