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Mother Of Four Kids Showcases The Problems Of Motherhoods Through These 20 Illustrations

Motherhood is not an easy job at all.

Although every woman wants to be a mother one day and cherish the beautiful moments they create with their little one as it slowly grows up within her arms. But along with those amazing moments, there are some hectic moments as well which makes motherhood a huge responsibility. You have to understand what the different cries at different times actually mean. One would mean the baby is hungry, the other would mean it wants to be lifted up, and then there is one which means it wants to sleep. And when the baby starts walking and speaking, you have to look after it because it feels like a rebel who can do anything. You have to make sure they don’t go for the stairs, they don’t go near electronics, it’s just a mess at times. You have to commend mothers. And then they grow up further, the factor of upbringing comes in as they join the school, their personality starts to develop. Then they enter the teenager. In all faces, mothers will always have a problem to account regarding their kids.

Kayela Larson is a mother of four kids and is also a very talented illustrator. She decided to communicate with all the existing mothers, soon-to-be mothers, and all the young ones who will become mothers one day, and she did so by sharing all the problems a mother faces during motherhood. Larson beautifully illustrated her own life as a mother, and how hard it can be to parent 4 kids.

Scroll down below to enjoy her great work.

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1. Your personal space gets invaded and taken over by your kids.

2. There is no way to make them stop playing. They only stop when they get tired or a new fun activity begins.

3. It is your upcoming sibling.

4. The rules only apply when you are physically watching them. When they think you are not there, the rule book goes down the trash.

5. Parenting summed up perfectly in a single illustration.

6. Take that, you trickster.

7. You will never expect the kind of questions they will ask you.

8. She finally understands what it used to be like when she would randomly start crying for no reason.

9. I swear I have done this and I am extremely proud of myself for doing it.

The only difference is, I had a Superman suit instead of the Batman one.

10. The kids will approach mommy, do their thing, and leave. And mommy would just sit there confused to her core thinking “What just happened?!”

I am in love with these illustrations. They truly depict what she was trying to deliver across and that makes Larson a very successful artist. Her love for Disney movies is going to get her far, that is for sure. I am going to ask my mother a couple of questions about whether I used to be like the kids portrayed in these illustrations. I am pretty sure I was.

How are you guys relating to this one? Scroll down to enjoy some more comics about motherhood problems.

11. After being a mother, you are bound to find random things in the most random spots.

12. The elder ones always try to assert their seniority on the younger ones even though they themselves aren’t even 3 years old yet.

13. They literally transform into something else during that teething phase.

14. You see a massive “Why not?” written on his face as he did that.

15. The kind of arguments the mothers have to listen to on a daily basis.

16. She wants mom to beat the trampoline.

Just look at the exhaustion in the mother’s eyes. Parenting is not easy.

17. The things they like doing are normally classified as the weirdest activities ever.

18. Sure, honey. Let’s tick this off your bucket list as well.


19. Guys, just know what you are getting yourself into before trying to make a baby.

20. They are way smarter than you think.

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