Jenny Who Made People Cry With Her Grim Reaper Animal Comics Is Back, And This Time It’s About Paying Tribute To Shelter Staff

Love, care, and respect are earned by any pet. Regardless of how they look. It is the inside, after all, that really matters, not the wounds we reveal to the outside world. Unfortunately, that’s not how the real world is designed and a lot of people can’t see past a pet’s “ugliness” and want to save one that’s prettier.

That’s the tearful fact that Jenny-Jinya, aka Jenny Hefczyc, the German artist, has shown in her comic about a “ugly” dog that no one wants to take home with them. As a way to talk about how a lot of people look only outside, the illustrator created the strip.

This one also has a bittersweet and surprising conclusion, like all of Jenny’s comics.

In an interview, Jenny said that every month she financially helps animal shelters and much of her perception of what happens there comes from the workers working there who connect digitally with her. From the messages I receive, last year several shelters suffered a lot. Because of Covid, many were unable to organise fundraising activities, and so they missed donations, “the artist sai said.”

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Jenny created another powerful comic. This one is about how people treat a shelter dog that looks different than everyone else

Image credits: jenny_jinya

In the opinion of the artist, we can only speculate on why so many people rely on the looks of their future pets. We all know that there is sometimes no adoption of black cats and dogs because some people think they don’t look good in pictures. I have the feeling that the chemistry between man and animal is always less so, but how ‘presentable’ the animal is in the photographs. Stars who introduce their ‘designer pets’ and encourage illegal breeding instead of adoption, may also be a concern.

As for the artist’s 2021 plans, she decided to keep it a little mysterious and didn’t give away too much: “I can’t disclose too much yet, but a lot is planned.” One thing is for sure, we can’t wait to see what’s next for Jenny, not just in new comics but also in publications.

Jenny’s comic that she released right on Christmas eve was liked by over 254.4k people. The artist already has 469k followers on Instagram, and with her emotionally resonating art, she continues to bring in new fans.

Here’s how people reacted to the tearjerker story

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