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Jenny Jinya’s Long Animal Comics Strips Will Make You Cry (28 Drawings)

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Amazing Artist Jenny Jinya Has Moved People All Over The World With Her Art. She Creates Poignant Comics That Address Important Issues Like Animal Abuse And Environmental Challenges Using Endearing Animal Characters. Her work serves as a wake-up call, making us reflect on the world, how we treat it, and its inhabitants. She Follows 756,000 People on Instagram.

Her comics frequently aim to spread awareness. They elicit feelings like sadness or empathy, which are vital because they can motivate us to take action. It Talks About Real Problems, Like How Some Animals Are Mistreated Or How Human Actions Affect Nature. Jenny Jinya’s Approach Is To Use Cute Characters To Talk About Vital Subjects. Let’s Examine A Few of Her Finest Comics.

Credit: Jenny Jinya

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#1. No Freedom

The remarkable graphic artist Jenny Jinya is well-known on the internet for her comics that move even the most hardened internet users to tears. Her cartoons typically impart powerful lessons about life and animal abuse, thus this is how people like to remember her. Because of this, her comics consistently make her fans laugh and cry at the same time.

#2. It’s Hard To Let Your Animal Go

#3. Good Bye

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