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Japanese Cartoonist Keigo always CreatesThought-provoking illustrations (20 Comics)

There are cartoonists in the vast world of cartooning whose works go beyond simple pleasure and into the realm of thought-provoking art. Japanese artist Keigo, who is incredibly gifted, is one of these pioneers. Keigo is renowned for his talent to produce enthralling artwork that delves into complex, frequently philosophical issues. Keigo has won the hearts and minds of ardent manga fans and art lovers all around the world.

His comics series K5fuwa is what made him more popular. Keigo’s artwork differs from popular manga and anime in that it has a unique quality. Keigo chooses a different route, diving into the intricacies of the human condition, while his peers frequently concentrate on action-packed adventures or cheerful storytelling. His provocative drawings tackle issues like identity, nihilism, social standards, and the hazy line dividing reality from fantasy. His Instagram account has 1.1 million followers.

Credit: K5fuwa

For more info: Instagram | Facebook

#1. Not KFC

#2. Wanted

#3. Congratulations!

#4. The clothes are burned

#5. Poor orange

#6. Pizza time

#7. Different perspective

#8. Nice strategy

#9. Massage

#10. At least he turned the lights on

#11. Behind the scenes

#12. Sleep

#13. Poor superman

#14. Hilarious

#15. What a shot!

#16. Scary

#17. Look

#18. So tall

#19. Repel each other

#20. Love

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