In these hilarious comics, an artist sums up life with a cat.

Nick Phillipou’s straightforward but factual comics depict his life with his cat Minnie, as well as their daily interactions. Those who own a cat are well aware of the joy they bring to their life. But it’s worth reiterating that everything is well. And those of you who don’t know can now find out.The comics are titled “I iz cat,” and they’re written in the style of a meme that went viral in the seemingly distant days of the Internet. The comics, despite having a very simple drawing technique, do not demonstrate the artist’s skill; rather, they demonstrate how beautiful his life with a cat is.From classics like the cat in the box and their eternal hunting impulses to Minnie’s psychedelic antics with catnip and more, the comic covers a wide range of feline life with her adoring humans. They also bring comedy and attractiveness that any cat owner (and not just them) may appreciate.

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At 4 a.m., he was literally me. This morning, to be precise. My colossal panther was chasing a field mouse. My legs are right next to one other. My first Mother’s Day with this cat was memorable because it was marked by death. Thank you, kitten

Cats must be employed at the majority of service hotlines.

What everyone requires

Using the restroom before or after pets…

My Easter bunny was actually caught by one of my cats.

They wake me up every morning to give me cuddles. Then we go back to sleep till my phone rings and the day can begin. I’m very fortunate that they never beg for food.

Her Royal Fluffy Highness,

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