I tried to imagine how these well-known characters would react in the face of environmental disasters (20 Pics)

Baptiste Drausin, sometimes known as The Baptman, is a self-taught artist. I grew up with pop culture and enjoy incorporating it into my work. DC comics are a special favourite of mine.

When I first started drawing in 2017, I created a mashup of two pop culture figures. I now utilise them to discuss environmental issues. Check out my illustrations, and follow me on Instagram for more of my work.

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Extinct Species And Mowgli

I’ve been drawing since I was a child, but I’ve never taken any classes; I’m self-taught.

I’ve also always been a big admirer of comic books, movies, and TV series. That’s why I’ve always wanted to do pop culture illustrations.

In 2017, I began drawing on Instagram. I began by doing mashups (a mix of 2 characters from pop culture). But it wasn’t until October 2018 that I began to draw on the subject of ecology.

Politics And Wall-E

Oil Spill And Ariel

I had just returned from a year of travelling around Australia and Asia, and I had noticed pollution everywhere, even in areas where there were no people. I spoke with a friend as I was brainstorming ideas for Inktober 2018. He suggested that I speak about the pollution and what I had witnessed.So I planned to use pop culture to talk about ecology while also shocking individuals who would see the drawings.

Global Warming And The Titanic

Force-feeding, Donald Duck, And Foie Gras

Because I grew up with Disney, Star Wars, and comic books, it was necessary for me to use these characters. I have two favourite superheroes: Batman (thus the Instagram handle Baptman) and Green Lantern. Batman is a superhero because he is a human who wants to improve his community. Green Lantern is a superhero because he is adamant about saving people no matter what.

Godzilla Against The Plastic

Santa Claus And Climate Change

Pollution and Mary Poppins

The Extinction of Bees And Winnie The Pooh

The Ocean Trash and Ariel

The Lion And The Hunt is a long storey about a lion and his hunt.

Deforestation and Bambi

Mass Tourism And Dumbo

Pinocchio’s Plastic Toys

Pesticides And Snow White

Animal Experimentation And The Beast

Plastic Pollution And Lilo & Stitch

The Melting Glaciers And Superman

Wonder Woman and the Mass Tourism Industry

Star Wars is a fictional universe created by George Lucas

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