I created these 20+ amusing comics to keep myself entertained and to entertain others.

To be absolutely honest, I am a newcomer to the world of comics. I began in late 2020 as a method to keep refining my drawing talents while also being able to entertain others with my work and sense of humour, as well as to keep myself from being bored. These are not only my favourite comics, but they are also the ones I have here today.

They are those I adore because of the amount of time I spent honing my sense of humour, how I draw people, specific scenarios and moods, and my overall art style. So kick back, relax, get a slice of pizza, and read away!

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I Exist Because I Exist…

Life Is Like A Chess Game

Changing the Names of Animals

They’re just slipping away from me…

Cats in the News

This is a true storey.

No matter who you are, be yourself.

There were no gators harmed in the making of this comic.

Take It Or Leave It: Three Potato Chips

If you have free bubble milk tea, no one will turn you down.

Interesting Facts About Birbs

This was just a random thought that came to me.

My Sleep Paralysis Demon And I Getting Our Favorite Drink

Frogs: Interesting Facts

What Will Online Courses Look Like?

Cat on the Street

Oh, How The Tables Turn…

The Famous Water Doggo, the Seal

Now it’s all ogre…

A great pizza is a normal pizza, but an extra cheese pizza is truly fantastic.

I’m not sure if giraffes can consume coffee.


In This Residence

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