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How it Looks to Live with a Dog Perfectly Captured in 20 Hilarious Comics

Gemma Gene, also known as 157 of Gemma, is an illustrator and comic artist who has hilariously depicted the pleasures and challenges of owning a dog. Because of its relatable wit and adorable visuals, her work is adored by both dog owners and animal enthusiasts. Gemma’s comics beautifully depict the myriad ways that dogs enrich and complicate our lives. She presently has 357,000 Instagram followers, which is a sizable audience.

Gemma’s comics brilliantly depict the ups and downs of life with a dog, from the happiness of cuddling up with a furry friend on the couch to the irritation of cleaning up after them when they get into the trash. The way dogs seem to have boundless energy and enthusiasm, even when we don’t, is a common theme in Gemma’s comics. Dogs have a way of keeping us on our toes, whether it’s pleading for walks when we’re feeling lazy or demanding attention when we’re trying to work.

The special link that forms between humans and dogs is another topic covered in Gemma’s comics. Gemma’s work honors the unique contribution that dogs make to our lives, from the way they can read our emotions and provide solace when we’re down to the unbreakable link they create with their owners. Overall, Gemma’s comics pay hysterical and endearing homage to the benefits and difficulties of living with a dog. Her art is likely to make you grin whether you have owned dogs all your life or are just a fan of adorable animal comics.

Credit: 157 of Gemma

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#1. Why is life like this?

#2. Feeding

#3. True story

#4. Mochi turned an accidental hero

#5. My best mom hack

#6. Stop it!

#7. So cute

#8. Who’s right?

#9. Quick to fall asleep

#10. Good night!

#11. The heart attack game

#12. Dead soon!

#13. Mochi hates it

#14. Hug

#15. I’m so sick

#16. What’s this?

#17. Woof!!

#18. Peli’s favorite hobby

#19. Behind every cute dog photo

#20. Mochi’s logic

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