Hilariously Adorable Comics About Pixie And Brutus To Instantly Make Your Day

It all began as yet another random comic concept. The odd bond between a cat and a dog.

Artist Ben Hed previously told Bored Panda, “Pixie is a little, cheerful, lively kitten.” “She’s naive and naïve to the serious, deadly things going on around her.”

Brutus, on the other hand, is a huge German Shepherd with a scarred face. “After retiring as a Military Working Dog, he was adopted by Pixie’s owner” (MWD). In many ways, Brutus is the polar opposite of Pixie. He’s seen a lot of stuff. He’s a serious and scary military dog, yet he has a soft spot for Pixie and does everything he can to keep her safe from the harsh realities of life.”

Ben had no intention of turning their escapades into a series, but his fans (and pretty much the entire Internet) were so enamoured with Pixie and Brutus that he felt it would be a sin not to.

We’ve already published their comics here, here, and here, but Ben keeps expanding their universe and creating new stories, so we’ll simply have to keep up.

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If you look at Ben’s Instagram account, you’ll note that his work isn’t limited to Pixie and Brutus—you’ll also find fish on dates, overconfident fitness coaches instructing people how to act like tigers, and much, much more.

“It’s really whatever comes to mind.” Of course, Pixie and Brutus comics aren’t the only ones that come to mind. “Every now and then, I have an idea for a joke or tale that doesn’t quite suit with P and B, so I make it with other regular characters or even whole new characters,” Ben revealed.



The fandom for Pixie and Brutus has been gradually expanding (currently Ben has over 2.5 million Instagram followers). Keeping up with demand may put some people under pressure, but Hed has used it to motivate himself: “I am concerned about each comic’s performance, but I was concerned about it before I developed Pixie and Brutus as well.” His fan base grew significantly as a result of that interview, something he claims never ceases to amaze him.


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