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Hilarious Pixie And Brutus Comics That Prove Brutus Is Purest Dog Ever (10 New Pics)

Back in the days when we were kids, there were no smartphones and tablets. Kids used to go outside and play. Some enjoyed basketball and others rode bicycles. A number of kids enjoyed reading. They read all sorts of books from storybooks to comic books. Storybooks are great, but comic books have always had a separate fan base. In every generation, there are people who love comic books more than storybooks. Whether printed in a book or uploaded to a web site, comic book lovers enjoy reading them in their leisure time.

Today we have so many comics about different topics and genres, but quite a few of them become popular just like this awesome comic about a cute little kitty Pixie and a retired military dog Brutus. The bond shared between cats and dogs is undoubtedly the most unusual yet the most iconic ever. People showed an overwhelming response to this comic that its creator Ben Hed decided to start a series dedicated to Pixie and Brutus. This Webcomic is loved globally and today it has a following of 2.3 million on Instagram. Scroll down to check out the adventures of Pixie and Brutus.

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Best Friends were once strangers.

Brutus is the best older brother Pixie could ever wish for.

Looks like the legendary adventurer Pixie needs a little help from her big bro.


Don’t worry, Pixie. Brutus knows a guy.

Cats and dogs can’t be friends and that’s just how things are between these two. Sometimes out of the blues, cats and dogs become best friends and the world cannot stop obsessing over their shared bond. This certainly is the case with Brutus and Pixie. Although they were not together since birth, they still managed to be friends. Maybe because Brutus is a retired military dog. Anyways, whatever the case, one thing is for sure that Brutus is a pure-hearted dog. The way he takes care of Pixie sure tells us a lot more about Brutus than he says.

Pixie gets a new hairstyle.

Brutus has a dejavu.

At the end, it’s up to Brutus to save the day.

Pixie is not only the cutest but also the most innocent feline we know.

What would brutus do without Pixie in his life?

This webcomic is so heartwarming. We can never get enough of Pixie and Brutus. A special thanks to Ben Hed for coming up with such an adorable idea and blessing the world with this adorable webcomic The Adventures of Pixie and Brutus. Let us know what you guys think of this iconic cat and dog duo in the comments below. Do share this with other comic lovers so they don’t miss out on the good stuff.

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