For Your Twisted Mind, Here Are 20+ Hilariously Dark Comics With Darkest Endings

Are you deranged?

If you’ve been having some dark thoughts, don’t worry, I’m not here to turn you in. After all, we are perfectly good people as long as we do not act on them. That isn’t to say we don’t want our “dark passenger” to be satisfied as well. This is where the comics come in handy.These are for individuals who are sick with the same old humorous comics and want something with a little more substance.

Now, if you don’t like grim endings and prefer movies where everything works out, these comics might not be for you. Nicholas Gurewitch is the mastermind behind these amusing comics. Because of his distinct style, he has amassed a sizable following on most of his social media platforms, which you can see for yourself by scrolling down below.

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#1There’s no need to be discouraged.

#2 It was probably best to leave it alone.

#3 It’s either hallucination or imagination.

#4 One day, Tammy had to face the truth.

#5What a jerk!

#6 They must eat in some way.

#7 At this beach, the third leg is pretty content.

#8 He is the only one who can solve the equation.

#9 Those Unicorns have a lot of power.

#10 We’re all sheep, after all.

#11 Some divorces are capable of destroying everything in their path.

#12 He’s a laid-back Grandpa.

#13 To tell you the truth, I would have done exactly the same thing.

#14 Some people will never be content.

#15 Who’d have guessed that butterflies might be nefarious?

#16 Those puppy dog eyes will never let you down.

#17 If you ask me, that is a form of still life.

#18 Humans are destroying the planet.

#19 Jealousy never yields positive results.

#20 When a dream becomes a reality.

#21 Walking away slowly could be a decent option in this situation.

#22This is one method of getting your child to school.

#23That was unexpected by the devil.

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