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Cartoonist Obi Aris Makes Hilarious Comic Strips About Everyday Life (20 Comics)

Due to their sympathetic comedy and capacity to portray the absurdity of everyday occurrences, comics about everyday life have grown in popularity over the past few years. Regular people going about their daily lives are regularly depicted in these cartoons, often with a comic twist that causes viewers to chuckle and nod their heads in agreement. A talented cartoonist with a reputation for creating comical strips about everyday life is Obi Arisukwu. In the world of webcomics, he has 271,000 fans who enjoy his amusing comics.

The world around him and Aris’ own personal experiences serve as the inspiration for his comics. He adds an unexpected and enlivening humorous touch to commonplace circumstances. His characters typically are based on real-life people that he knows or regularly interacts with, which is why his cartoons are so approachable and humorous. The comics by Aris are visually stunning in addition to being amusing. Because he uses vibrant colors and clean lines to give his comics a polished, modern look that sets them apart from other webcomics.

Aris is very well known for his weird and eccentric comedies. The bizarre situations or unexpected punchlines that appear in these cartoons frequently leave readers laughing and shaking their heads in confusion. In his cartoons, he typically shows average people going about their daily lives, but with amusing twists. He has the ability to find humor in even the most routine situations, such as waiting in line at the grocery store or dealing with an annoying coworker. Reading his comics is made more enjoyable by the fact that his characters are endearing and realistic. A selection of his best illustrations can be found in the following section. To view the comics, scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Obi Aris

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#1. Scars

#2. Merry Christmas!

#3. Don’t forget to get my angle

#4. Was that thunder?

#5. Why are you calling me?

#6. We are making a comic strip!

#7. My Queen!

#8. You need this way more than i do

#9. Throw long hair to rescue

#10. Powerful Genie

#11. Outfit

#12. Different outfits

#13. Scrapbooking

#14. You look stupid!

#15. Seller

#16. Pursue my passion

#17. Save me!

#18. I’m not really that hungry

#19. Skinny jeans


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