Brazilian Artist Creates A Comic Comparing What Life Is Like After You Adopt A Pet Vs. If You Don’t

Ademar Vieira is an illustrator, journalist, and screenwriter from Brazil who produces beautiful watercolour comics depicting different social problems. The artist illustrated how adopting a dog would change your life in one of his most recent comics, titled “The Choice,” and if you still have reservations about adoption, this comic might just help you make up your mind.

“We leave one timeline aside any time we make a choice and join another. This comic strip is called “The Choice” and you determine which timeline has been selected,” the artist writes in his Instagram post.” “I am dedicating this strip to all the animals that during the quarantine contribute to our mental health.”

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In a recent interview with Bored Panda, Ademar said that during a tough period he was going through, he began making comics early in 2020 as a way to exorcise his demons. The artist discovered once he began sharing them that many people identified with them themselves. “I got good feedback and then I continued to reveal the things I felt and the audience grew larger,” he explained..

We were in the coronavirus pandemic when I returned from the bad phase, meaning everyone was going through a bad phase, so I started to investigate the issues that people around the world were going through. I have now used the strips to express my views on certain topics, whether personal, social, or political, that I consider important.

Ademar says that when one of his comic strips went viral back in June in Latin America, he could not believe it. “The artist says, “Famous individuals and profiles came to speak to me and congratulate me and that left me in the sky, but it also carried the weight of obligation. Now, I wasn’t just making strips for me and my colleagues, I was also used by people from various countries. I was really pleased that I was given a path to be pursued as an artist by the public and I want to follow that path to see what else is good.

See the rest of the comic by Ademar below!

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