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Artist Released New Comics With Elephants And It Will Leave You In Tears

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Jenny Jenny, a German artist, is well-known for making her fans cry. Because they illustrated the cruelty that some people can have toward animals, his comic strips were known as “tearjerkers.” With 310K followers on Instagram, Jenny has demonstrated that people are not above suffering from environmental hazards, animal cruelty, abandonment, pollution, and other hardships.

Jenny Jinya is back with a fresh comic strip that highlights the cruelty of elephant rides. It reveals that the animals are forcibly taken from their natural families and kept in captivity, where they endure constant terror. Take a look at the comics below and get some tissue ready.

More Info: Jenny-Jinya.Com | Facebook | Instagram

Jenny Jinya Create A Comic Strip About An Elephant Working On A Tourist Ride, Awareness About Animal Cruelty

Jenny Jinya To Discover The Concept Advancing This Specific Elephant Comic Strip. It transpired that the painting’s image of an imprisoned baby elephant was what deeply moved the artist. The creature that was defective was tied up and screamed in agony as it was struck by these designated trainers.

Jenny Is Sure That “Perhaps Fewer People Would Support These ‘Attractions’ If More Tourists Knew How To Subdue Elephants.” In the past, elephants were unaware of how “trained” these animals were.

Jenny acknowledges that it’s a tragic process to draw such heartbreaking stories. While conducting research on this topic is always frustrating, I also cry as I draw the storyboard.

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