Artist Reimagined Famous Cartoon Characters As Humans Using 3D Art And The Results Are Scary

This 3D eccentric art of childhood cartoon characters will make you enter another world.

When we were kids, we used to watch Cartoon Network and fantasise about our favourite cartoons coming to life. Those were the most enjoyable days. We’d daydream about visiting Spongebob’s house or meeting him someday while sitting at a playground. So, what’s this? Now is your chance to meet them and see how they might appear in person. We’re showing you the work of Michquel Maguez, a 3D artist with over 250k Instagram followers. Drawing 3D characters and animals with a mind-bending impact is one of his specialties.

His painting is very cool and relevant to the twenty-first century. “I like making scary things,” he says in his bio. Now is the moment to indulge your nostalgia and relive your greatest childhood memories. In 3D art, we have a collection of 18 cartoon characters reinvented as terrifying humans. These cartoons’ hyper-realistic renditions will transport you to another universe. They might frighten you, too, because these versions aren’t what you expected. Prepare to be amazed as you meet your favourite characters in their mind-boggling human forms if you scroll all the way to the end. You won’t want to miss any of this if you leave in the middle.

1. The nose booger detail of Sid the Sloth from Ice Age though

via marvelous_mikee

2. Spongebob’s human version, resembling Donald Trump

via marvelous_mikee

3. Remember Scooby snacks which shaggy fed scooby in Scooby-doo? This version of scooby-doo deffo looks like that

4. Buggs the Bunny in his most non-cute version, I believe

5. Mr Krab’s eyes and mouth details are commendable in this one

6. This one is cute I must say, Peanuts was such a cute show

7. Single teethed 3D Patrick star with icecream dropped on his head is best thing we could see today

8. This is the worst version of Sponge Bob characters I have ever seen, how do I unsee this?

9. Dora, but with an evil version you had never thought of before

10. I hate the details of his salivary mouth

11. I loved Rick but Morty looks rather old than he actually should

12. Need an “unsee lotion” to put in my eyes

13. Plankton out on the streets like this would scare everyone away

14. Creepy af

15. The cartoonic version was cute but this sucks, though the art is commendable

16. Nitendo’s Kirby coming to kill you

17. The hair on his body is making me feel irked

18. Presenting you all Patrick star with detailed eyes, again

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